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Nigeria has been bad for the Yoruba. Between 1952 and 1959, the Yoruba (western) region of Nigeria was the most developed and the most successful region on the whole of the continent of Africa. If that trend had continued, Yorubaland would today be comparable to South Korea and to Singapore. Indeed, although much of Nigeria’s wealth comes from Yorubaland, the region remains impoverished

Under the guise of its ‘federal character’ policy, Nigeria’s government takes resources from Yorubaland to give to the north, puts unqualified northerners in charge of everything and limits opportunities for the Yoruba. Nigeria’s government kills off Yoruba industries, make them redundant or cause them to be abandoned. Nigeria has all but destroyed the education system, the pride of the Yoruba. Educated Yoruba youths flee Nigeria in droves for greener pastures abroad where they thrive and prosper.

Nigeria imprisons (eg Chief Awolowo in 1962) or murders (eg Chief Abiola 1993) the Yoruba who aspire to the highest political office in the land. Nigeria assassinates (eg Dele Giwa) or attempts to assassinate  (e.g Mrs Ransome-Kuti) the Yoruba who campaigns for better life for their people. Nigeria condones and encourages despicable human rights abuses in Yorubaland including ethnic cleansing, genocide,pillaging, raping of women and girls, and terrorising.

To prosper economically, morally, politically, and socially, Yorubaland must be rescued from Nigeria, and become an independent nation of its own. Since Nigeria does not do political dialogue, Yorubaland must find the means of extricating itself. And that is the task that we have set ourselves at IlanaUK. The UK has a large population of Yoruba; 120,000 in London alone. All working together, we can set Yorubaland free. What are you waiting for?

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