Ilana Omo Oodua UK

We are a patriotic Yoruba community group

The objects of IlanaUK is to pursue directly and exclusively, non-profit making activities including campaigning, petitioning, seeking to influence public opinion, and making representations to governmental and other bodies and institutions, directed at enhancement of the culture, education, health, happiness, well-being, and fortunes of the Yoruba people.


Ilana Omo Oodua means ‘Making the path for descendants of Oodua’.

The Yoruba are descendants (Omo) of Oodua. They have the same culture, religion, and tradition. The Yoruba homeland or the ancestral home of the Yoruba is in the southwest corner of Nigeria where they speak a common language, Yoruba. The Yoruba have lived in this homeland uninterrupted since time immemorial.

The Yoruba are one of a handful of mono-ethnic nations in Africa.

About 30 million Yoruba live in the ancestral home and another 170 million Yoruba are in the Diaspora. The largest Yoruba population in the world is in Brazil. There are also significant Yoruba populations along the coast of West Africa, and in Cuba and the Caribbean. Most American blacks are of Yoruba descent.

In 1914, Britain fraudulently amalgamated Yorubaland into the country they called Nigeria on the principle of ‘robbing the Yoruba to develop northern Nigeria’.The Yoruba did not,and have never, ceded their sovereignty to Britain. Prior to 1914, Yorubaland was a rich and successful empire based on the principle of autonomous city states. Those cities still exist today.

About Ilana Omo Oodua UK Chapter (Ilana UK)

IOOUK is a freestanding Chapter of Ilana Omo Oodua (IOO).


IOOUK is a company limited by guarantee, established to pursue directly, and exclusively non-profit making activities devoted to the welfare and self-determination of the Yoruba people


IOOUK raises funds, opens bank accounts, and uses funds to pursue activities approved by its members


Residents of the British Isle who are of the Yoruba lineage and who share the same aspirations as Ilana Omo Oodua are eligible to join for a monthly fee.

Why Should I Join Ilana Omo Oodua UK?

Nigeria has been bad for the Yoruba. Between 1952 and 1959, the Yoruba (western) region of Nigeria was the most developed and the most successful region on the whole of the continent of Africa. If that trend had continued, Yorubaland would today be comparable to South Korea and to Singapore. Indeed, although much of Nigeria’s wealth comes from Yorubaland, the region remains impoverished

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